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Power Services

Realization of all kinds of activities, jobs and services related to the business of energy sources available worldwide that are environmentally sustainable.

We rarely think about how much the energy industry is important to us and what we will do without it. Lights go on and off, we pay bills, and we carry on doing everything connected with energy without considering “This is great!”. But, the energy gives us light, powers our electronic devices, makes it possible to watch all these shows, etc. At work, people depend on energy because it powers the machines that manufacture the services or goods we work with.

GE, for example, has signed a deal with drilling company Diamond Offshore, in which GE would retain ownership of eight Blow Out Preventers (BOPs), and guarantee their performance through payments tied to the rig’s activities, and BOP performance. This model shifts capital expenditure up front, with the service company (in this case GE) taking on more of the burden.

The use of energy is a key in the human society to develop itself and to adapt to the environment. The production and consumption of energy resources are one of the main factors for the global economy. The energy sector is driven by the supply and demand for worldwide energy.

Approximately everywhere in the world, the energy industry is composed of three key elements: generation, networks, and retail. Firstly, there are generators who produce energy through generation transporting gas. After that, the network transports the energy to your homes, and this has several stages. In the end, the final stage of this process is retail, that is, selling energy to consumers.

What We Do

  • Top level management, supervision and controlling of the transmission, manufacturing, supplying, generating, distributing and dealing in electricity and all forms of energy and power.
  • We deliver unmatched professional services, with our diverse team of professionals focused on our clients to solve their most complex of technical issues, with the aim of increasing the Customer's value and optimizing plant performance.
  • Retaining in-house crews of Certified Mechanical FSRs and Electrical/Instrument & Controls FSRs

Business Plan Market

  • Cost cutting
  • Vertical integration: One-stop solution
  • New revenue models: Sharing financial risks for future rewards
  • Attract and retain quality
  • Consolidation: Increasing concentration
  • New equipment and service models: Design to value

Research Beyond The Business Plan

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology involving the use of mirrors to focus sunlight onto a receiver that captures and converts the solar energy into heat for electricity generation.

The commercial operation of floating wind turbines could hold the key to unlocking the offshore wind power potential of deeper waters where winds are often stronger and steadier. Unlike conventional offshore wind turbines that require erection of concrete bases in the seabed, floating wind turbines, based on floating oil and gas offshore platform technology, are anchored into the seabed with the use of just a few cables at sites as deep as 700m. Deeper waters also offer the advantage of less obtrusive installations.

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